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At $99.99, the New LG Fortune™ 2 Won’t Cost You a Fortune at Cricket Wireless
    LG Fortune 2
    LG Fortune 2

    The new LG Fortune™ 2, with premium features and stylish design, without the premium price tag, is available beginning today, April 13, at Cricket Wireless. New and existing customers can get it at select Cricket Wireless branded retail stores and online for just $99.99*.


    Live life to the fullest with the LG Fortune 2, with its vibrant 5" HD display and up to 16 GB of internal memory (usable up to 9.83 GB). Toma fotos excelentes y video en HD con la cámara trasera de 8 MP con flash LED. Taking selfies is easier than ever with the LG Fortune 2 Gesture Shot and Auto Shot.


    The LG Fortune 2 also comes with:

    • Smart Cleaning® -- Quickly clear out old, unneeded files and close unused apps to keep your phone running at the optimal level.

    • Quick Video Editor -- Edit videos, add effects, or even add a soundtrack!

    • Knock On® -- Access notifications quicker with a gentle tap of the screen to wake your phone or put it back to sleep.

    • App Shortcuts – Conveniently access commonly used tasks by long-pressing apps directly on your home screen.


    Pairing a full-featured smartphone with an affordable rate plan offers customers even more value, and the savings grow with multiple lines. Customers can get four smartphone lines with unlimited high-speed data access, talk and text for just $100/month.** (Data speed limited to max of 3 Mbps. Video streaming at SD quality.)


    For details on the LG Fortune 2 and Cricket’s simple, affordable service plans, visit cricketwireless.com.



    *Los cambios requieren un cargo de $25. Add'l terms, usage & restr's apply. Todos los términos están sujetos a cambios sin aviso. See https://www.cricketwireless.com/cell-phones/smartphones/lg-fortune2.html for details.


    **4 lines for $100/mo.After 22GB/line/mo., you may experience slower speeds than other Cricket customers during network congestion. Limited time offer. $55/mo. Unlimited 2 plan required on four lines. $30 discount on second line, $45 discount each on third & fourth lines, all on same account.  No eleg. para crédito de pago automático ni para Descuento de Ahorro por Grupo. Para los clientes actuales que cambian planes, es posible que el descuento no comience hasta el próximo ciclo de facturación.  Unlimited 2 Data Restrictions: Data speeds limited to maximum of 3 Mbps. For content we can identify as video, streaming speed limited to max of 1.5 Mbps (Standard Definition quality, about 480p). Luego de 22GB de uso de datos en una línea en un ciclo de plan, Cricket puede reducir las velocidades de datos en esa línea durante los períodos de congestión de red. Los detalles de las pólizas de administración de red pueden encontrarse en cricketwireless.com/mobilebroadband. General: Es posible que se aplique un cargo por activación/actualización (de hasta $25/línea), un cargo adicional por una sola vez (asistencia al cliente de hasta $3) y restricciones; visitar cricketwireless.com/fees. Equipos: se venden por separado.  Límites: 9 equipos.  Todos los términos están sujetos a cambios sin aviso.  El servicio está sujeto a los términos de servicio de Cricket (cricketwireless.com/terms). Servicio bueno durante 30 días. La cobertura no está disponible en todas partes.