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The Power of Healthy Human Connections During Times of Crises

In times of crisis, we lean on positive human connections with family, friends, and community for support. That connection is often delivered in the form of a simple hug, face-to-face conversations, or a shared laugh over a joke with friends.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic keeps us from demonstrating the acts of love we rely on to show we care, such as a hug or a face-to-face conversation. This pandemic we're all experiencing is different from disasters we've experienced before.

The inherent goodness of humanity and being a true friend is something Cricket Wireless knows all about. Here are some of the ways members of Cricket Nation, and their families, are stepping up to help spread smiles during this challenging time:

Field Marketing Director Wendee Debusk is helping lift the spirits of children in her Arizona community by hosting a 'Going on a Bear Hunt' scavenger exercise with the help of her neighborhood parenting blog. Families place their teddy bears in a variety of places that are visible to passersby. One stuffed bear was even spotted in a cactus. They then add themselves to the custom Google map, marking the locations of the bear. Children and families in her neighborhood are eager every day to find where the teddy bears will be hidden and it's bringing smiles to their faces!

Our #CricketNation family is not limited to just employees. Spouses, children, partners, customers, friends and communities are all part of our family. Emily Walls is the daughter of Ginger Walls, an indirect sales executive out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Emily, a certified nurse assistant (CNA), is volunteering at a local nursing facility that is short-staffed due to several staff members being confirmed with COVID-19. Emily was one of only two CNAs to volunteer to help in the face of this pandemic despite the risk to her.

These are great examples of everyday people rising to the occasion to lend a helping hand where it’s needed.