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Cricket Wireless Helps Customers Save While Staying Connected to What Matters Most

We know that every dollar counts now when it comes to paying bills. Cricket has a variety of affordable devices and plans, but we know that sometimes more is needed. We have several options that offer the flexibility and savings you might need in a pinch.

Check out these tips that can help you pay your bill without sacrificing the same high-quality service you depend on:

BridgePay: This is for customers that need some flexibility when it comes time to pay the bill. It lets customers break their monthly payment into 2 or 3 installments with a 7-day extension. For a $5 fee on a single line or $10 fee on a multi-line account, customers can pay a portion of their bill when it’s due, and then pay the rest one week later. This helps maintain service and avoid a reconnection fee.*

Auto Pay: Customers on our most popular single line plans who enroll in Auto Pay will save money and a trip to the store to make a payment. It can also help customers avoid customer assistance fees in stores and fees for making payments through our automated phone or customer support team. The combined $5 monthly bill credits and the avoidance of $4 payment fees can save customers up to $108 a year. **

Refer-A-Friend: Customers can earn up to $250 in account credits per calendar year simply by referring Cricket to their friends. Just send a referral link to your friends, and upon completion of a few easy steps, the friend will receive a referral code that can be used after they activate service. Both you and your friend can earn a $25 credit if your friend stays with Cricket for 60 days.***

In addition to these options from Cricket, there are other ways to save on your monthly bill. The Ad It Up app lets Android users earn points that can go towards their Cricket bill. Points are earned by playing games, viewing ads, taking surveys, and watching videos. The points are redeemed right through the app, so users don't have to go anywhere to take advantage.

* Se aplican restricciones. See https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/billing-and-payments/bridge-pay.html for more information.

** Se aplican restricciones. See https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/billing-and-payments/auto-pay-setup.html for more information.

*** Se aplican restricciones. See https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/discounts-and-savings/refer-a-friend.html for more information.