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Cricket Cares: Spreading Smiles for Miles

During July, we've come to expect record-high temps, at least one day of dazzling fireworks and, for many, summer vacations-even if it's just a quick weekend getaway. Well, at Cricket Wireless, July also proved to be the perfect time to show support for our local communities.

For example, in a great display of teamwork and community support, several Cricket employees participated in the City of Atlanta's COVID-19 Drive Up Community Grocery Store which provided more than 1,200 families with dry goods, produce, dairy items and more. Cricket Authorized Retailer Sun Com also joined in to support attendees.

In Nashville, Cricket worked with Greater Compassion Ministries to provide 75 households with a gift card from grocer Kroger at the ministries' drive-thru food distribution. Additionally, Cricket Authorized Retailer Zubair Wireless provided a special offer for gift card recipients as well.

And finally, in Newark, Cricket, along with Authorized Retailer AAA Wireless, helped Mantena Global serve 300 hot meals to local residents in need.

All summer long, the Cricket Nation has been helping to bring smiles, nourishment and support to local communities across the country. These are just a few examples of some of the community support we provided last month. Stay tuned for next month's update to find out how we've been turning up the giving in August.